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Cíbola County Cemeteries

Listings for Grants Memorial Park are from my visual record-taking, during the year of 1998, and from an official inventory and survey during the year of 1999. Some additional data exist, partly from additional stone inscriptions, partly on the burial site ledgers kept by the City Clerk's office. If you desire some additional information on a particular individual / site, please email me.

Listings for other locations are made available through the efforts and kindness of other individuals. Credit is given on the appropriate pages.

Photos of individual stones/markers at the Grants Memorial Park are available. Please email me at tom87020 at mac dot com if you would like to access one or more of these.

Bluewater Cemetery
Cubero Cemetery
Grants Memorial Park, Sections A, B, and C
Grants Memorial Park, Sections 1 - 7, Surnames A - L
Grants Memorial Park, Sections 1 - 7, Surnames M - Z
Grants Memorial Park, "Boot Hill"

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