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Excerpts from Abe Peña's popular publications

All material used with the kind permission of the author, given to me personally.


Memories of Cíbola Villages and Villagers Newspaper Articles

Part One: The Mother Village
Mi Madre

Part Two: At the Mouth of the Canyon
San Mateo Springs Grant
Mi Padre
Las Posadas
La Matanza

Part Three: The Village at Ojo del Gallo
Fort Wingate
San Rafael
Don Silvestre

Part Four: Los Alamitos
Carroll Gunderson

Part Five: Navajoland
Paul Jones
Paddy Martinez
Turquoise Mountain

Part Six: Cíbola
La Nevada

Part One: Villages
They Trekked West to Found Seboyeta
The Road to San Mateo
Don Chéma--The Clown
Chicos--Corn in the Husk
"Atarque" in the Land of Cíbola

Part Two: Villagers
Cristo--A Mountain of a Man
Old Juan Rey
Adan Barela--the Sharpshooter
Cecilio Sánchez--Artist from San Rafae
"The Farmington Flash..."

Part Three: Ranching
The Berryhills--Cattle Ranchers
Cecil Moore--He Loved the Zuni Mountains
Black Bears on Oso Ridge
Floyd W. Lee--A Man of Vision
Three Elkins Brothers

Part Four: Change Comes to the Villages
Como Mas Antes--Like Long Ago
El Bote De Diez
Un Alambrito--The Wire
Landmarks and Bypaths in Cíbola
Red Or Green
Nostalgic Route 66

El Portalito
Franciscan Fathers
Heritage of Los Alamitos
...'Con Las Gallinas'

Fran Angelico Chavez--El Franciscan
Villages of Rio Puerco
Los Pastores - The Shepherds
Ernest Michael Had a Green Thumb
Golpe de Estado - A Revolution in Honduras, 1972

Lady of the Ice Caves
Hermanos Penitentes
A Brief History of "Buffalo County"
Grandma Mona, 1898 - 1995
Fall From a Horse
Get Your Kicks on Route 66

El Cuatro Julio - The Fourth of July
Villages of the Rio Puerco
Chile or Chili: Red or Green?
Don Tranqulino: La Cobija de los Pobres
Mi Tia Sostena